Video art exhibit // after party

Hosted at KWENCH Culture Club

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Music hosted by VILA


Am Nothing

Am Nothing is the solo project of Aimée van Drimmelen (Deadmalls, The Backhomes)

Nature Walk

Nature Walk, a new project from the folks who brought you Teenage Wedding. Electro-acoustic romantic pop collages. Broadcast meets Blink-182. Every song is about gardening or having a bath. Καὶ ὁ Λόγος ἐγένετο σὰρξ Gosh Bless!

Hazen Price

Local boy who’s work weaves together brightness and shadow better than a classic Victoria Day.

“I would love to play cello with Hazen sometime”

-Ali Calladine

video Art


the news

Adrienne McClaren // Toronto, ON

This experimental film takes the viewer on a journey of selected visuals presented on multiple dated TVs. Paired with a hypnotizing soundscape by Steven Foster, this short film is a commentary on how the news shapes how we see the world.


Carrie Walker // Victoria, BC

Muse is a single take, 7 ½ minute silent video of a dog sitting on a large cushion, looking directly at the camera. The scene is still but for the slight movements of the dog. The setting is a nondescript outdoor space walled in by concrete blocks. There are ferns in the background but no breeze rustles them. The dog stares out at the viewer. He tilts his head. His ears rise and settle. At times, he twists his neck and rests his head on his body. At his feet lies a heap of white stuffing from a dismembered toy lying to his left. A small piece of the stuffing hangs from the dog’s mouth. His nose pulses as he gazes at the viewer. His eyes drift away for a moment then snap back; his ears pricked. The silence causes one to interpret the dog’s gestures as a reaction to oneself. In the end, the dog turns away.

from the peak of my head to the ends of my arms

Zana Kozomora // Kitchener, ON

Twenty years after displacement, the artist returns to her birth city of Sarajevo to find and document her family's home in ruin. Four perspectives of the house are stitched together and mirrored to collapse the structure and emphasize the anthropomorphic features of the architecture; how its porous and crumbling frame suggests a kind of living being. The panoramic, enveloping, uncanny landscape extends to the brick barricade stacked on the gallery floor, which hide layered voices of conversations sourced from the artist and her father rummaging for memory, and from unexpected visitors who occupy the structure in the present day. The installation inserts the ghostly presence of the placeless into a landscape from which notions of home and the construct of identity have all but evaporated, providing only echoes of the past, present and ambiguous future.



Valentina Alvarado Matos // Barcelona, Spain

In Aí (There), Valentina Alvarado Matos uses the symbol of a flag to reinterpret her environment. Through the rhythmic editing of her poetic interventions and documentation of urban ruins, she presents the idea of nationhood through the remains of a city.


Meesh, QX // Courtenay, BC

Embody is a minute-long abstract film which follows the parameters of six shots lasting a maximum of ten seconds each. The film offers oblique glimpses of the body as is verges on the brink of adulthood. This short abstract speaks to an experience of living in a female body while being watched over by social pressures and navigating one’s identity.



Nataša Stearns // Ljubljana, Slovenia

A long forgotten encounter comes to life through fragments of real and imagined recollections. Longing, memories and nostalgia are at play in a chronicle of an affair, set in a deserted interiors of a Los Angeles hotel. The atmosphere recalls Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Fritz Lang’s Secret Beyond the Door.


the streets

Kelly Conlin // Victoria, BC

A short experimental film examining the arteries of society. Filmed over six years throughout Canada, the United States and the islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis, The Streets is an auditory and visceral study into the pathways that divide and define our communities.

hazel isle

Jessica Johnson // Vancouver, BC

Hazel Isle is a mesmeric look at the Scottish countryside in 16mm. The textural quality of film and Johnson's poetically tempered pacing creates an intimate portrayl of a distant and remote community.


Suzanne Friesen // Vancouver, BC

‘Venusian’ is a Canadian production shot on 16mm film with vintage Bolex H16 cameras. Filming took place in remote environments of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

This film is a wordless visual poem. Through painterly, surreal compositions and an experimental soundscape, it explores the emotional and sensorial process of a secluded woman discovering her natural maternal instincts as she reconnects with a younger version of herself. The film whispers a narrative of love’s natural liberation from physical and temporal realms.

By extension, the film is a metaphor for humanity’s critical reconnection with nature, as illustrated through the woman’s alien relationship with herself and her different environments. On a personal level, we created ‘Venusian’ as a reminder of how we may rediscover freedom and belonging in ourselves when we embrace the beauty of our natural environment.


Dan Sokolowski // Dawson City, YK

64°N... 12 months... Canada... Yukon... A Pond
Featuring a blend of two soundtracks created independently for the film, echoing the changing moods on the pond over a year.
Live Action, Animation, 5 minutes 30 seconds, 2018
Music: Peter Cox, Bob Hilliard


watching us

Paige Smith // Vancouver, BC

A series of repeated lateral dolly movements cycle through different vignettes of an intimate couple as their bond disintegrates under a voyeuristic gaze. Centered on the relationship between the film's viewer and subject, Watching Us explores how a person's identity and sexuality can be stripped through the act of non-consensual watching.

Homage to the faceless woman

Jessica Johnson, Karen Zolo // Vancouver, BC

Making her way through downtown Vancouver, the faceless woman is a homage to Gillian Wearing's Homage to the Woman With the Bandaged Face Who I Saw Yesterday Down Walworth Road (1995), and to all women.


telekenesis lesson 6

Brittany Gravely // Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Telekinesis Lesson 6 features kinetic performances in the intimate realms of ritual, ceremony, art and play – where the natural and supernatural intersect. This film will be projectable as a standalone film with the sync soundtrack or included as a part of multiple-projection scenarios with a live soundtrack.


Christopher Bianchi // Portland, Maine

Roost is a single channel video taking place within the psyche of the subject. The person attempts to be at ease with their information (emotions and thoughts) in their surrounding environment. At the same time, does their information become overloaded or are they content in their thoughts? The video brings to questions modern day society through the excessive quality of daily information and ways in which are capacity for information and our memory has led to exploitation of our own information within this digital society.



Melanie Monoceros // Winnipeg, MB

In 2018, I attended a residency in Northern Canada on Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in First Nation territory. While there, I stayed in a shared house with decor straight out of Twin Peaks. My time during the residency turned out to be an isolating, unpersoning, and overall deeply challenging experience. However, one of the first things I discovered upon entering the house was the artifact that became the subject of this film. The reverberations of this discovery provided a literal and figurative container for me to continue the lifelong work of processing the grief of losing my mother.


laughing gas

Annie MacLeod // Victoria, BC

In the dark of night, an unusual picnic. A visual poem.

how to make a telephone call

Robocalls are incessant and unrelenting, and utilize increasingly absurd and potentially dangerous premises to try to lure the phone owner into calling back.

An experimental collage film



Dance Performance

The Space Collective

The collective is a small group of individual movers who co-create, collaborate and make art through movement in Victoria, BC.


Kendall Wright, Bailey Fennellow, Claire Saunders and Ella Huber