2019 Board members


Ali Calladine

Ali is a local Victoria film maker and the founder of VSFF. She focuses her filmmaking practice on abstract experimental work that blend documentary and creative techniques. In all her work, she heads the political environmental and political landscape we are living in; creating films that engage people through beauty and story.

Beyond her filmmaking, Ali is a community organizer, writer, and researcher with a background in Economics and International Development Studies.


Leta C-W

Leta is a visual artist, filmmaker, and writer. Leta brings a creative and collaborative mindset to all of her work. When she’s not writing and revising scripts, she's costuming highly stylized music videos and producing micro budget films & documentaries surrounding themes of memory, grief and sibling relationships. 


Ramsey Fendall

Ramsey Fendall is a cinematographer, producer, editor and co-founder of Room 5 Films, a New York City based production company. Over the last 15 years Ramsey has worked as director of photography on numerous short and feature length films, as well as a variety of commercial projects.


Chris Dufour

Christopher Dufour is a visual artist based out of Victoria, British Columbia. Spatial installations, psychogeography, and the process of queering informs Christopher’s practice to explore representations of masculinity, gendered norms, and resource extraction. Chris works in photography, sculpture, and experimental film.

Outside of their practice, Chris is an environmental youth educator, zooms around on their beloved bicycle, and explores food growth in an urban setting. 


Margo Jones

Margo spends most of her time reading, writing short fiction, practicing yoga, watching TV, and eating five cent candies. Her favourite film aesthetic is anything that Sofia Coppola is involved with. She has produced two short films, one of which showcased in the 2019 Toronto Shorts Film Fest. In Victoria, she works running a co-working culture club, uniting artists, business people, and the tech community.